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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is a safe, effective, conservative approach to healthcare for all ages. Conservative care, in most cases, should be the first route taken in helping with musculoskeletal complaints. Like with anything though there are risks, but through detailed assessments and exams on your visits we help identify if there are risks or contraindications to treatment.
Yes, I believe we can help you but we won’t know for sure until after your initial visit. Under the conditions section, we do list everything that we are able to treat in the office, so we’d love to have you come in and have you trust us with your care. If we are unable to help you, we will get you somewhere that can help you!
As of right now, we accept Medicaid, Medicare, Aetna/Coventry, BCBS, Midlands Choice PPO (Includes Cigna and Medica), Medical Associates Health Plan (MAHP), Sanford Health Plans, Prime Health Services, and First Choice of the Midwest PPO Network. We are currently working on getting in network with United Healthcare.
That’s completely okay! We offer affordable cash rates for our appointments, if you have any questions please call the office and we'd be more than happy to help.
A new patient exam lasts around 40 minutes, but plan for a little longer if paperwork is not filled out ahead of time. Follow-up visits last 20 minutes. In respect of the other patients time, along with the doctors, if you are late by 10 minutes or more we will ask you to reschedule for a later time or date.
Well that depends, as each care plan is different for each individual. We do see that some experience symptom relief after a few visits, but it varies from person to person. Pain tends to be the last thing to come on but the first to go, so when the pain goes away with treatment we feel there is more work to do. Once an individual is able to return to what they love to do or have met their goals, we encourage them to get involved with the gym portion of the clinic to help minimize the risk of re-injury.
Athletic attire is encouraged, but not necessary, as movement is a big part of the treatment. We do offer changing rooms for our patients, but we recommend not wearing tight-fitting clothes as it will restrict full range of motion.

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