What can you expect on your first visit?

The first visit will usually take about 40 minutes and when you schedule you’ll be emailed intake paperwork that should be completed upon arrival. If you are unable to complete it ahead of time, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your visit to fill out the intake form. This form helps us better understand why you are scheduling the appointment, look at your goals for treatment, and allows us to utilize the appointment time for assessment and treatment.

The appointment will consist of a detailed history and exam, along with an in-depth movement assessment to help us establish a treatment plan that fits your goals and needs. This movement assessment will look at the body as a whole with a focused approach to the area of complaint. We analyze the whole body, because sometimes the area that is causing the problem is not where you are feeling the pain. Once we perform the exam, we’ll be able to develop your unique and individualized plan of attack. At this point, we will explain what the diagnosis and treatment plan is and will give you time to ask any questions. More often than not, treatment will occur on the first appointment.

We do not offer imaging in our clinic and we believe most muscle and joint complaints can be helped without imaging. If we feel imaging is necessary, we will refer you to a trusted provider. Along with imaging, if we feel that another specialist will be of better assistance to you, we will also refer you to where you need to be. We believe in providing the best type of care for you, whether that is with us or another provider.