At Cardinal Chiropractic Rehab & Wellness, we offer a variety of treatment styles.
Based on your goals and needs, we will figure out what types of services will be best fit for you.


Using a gentle, hands-on, non-invasive approach, the chiropractic adjustment techniques we use are safe for all ages. We find areas of the spine that are restricted, or not moving the way they should by using various assessments. We then use that information to guide the treatment and course of care. You may hear “pops” during adjustments, and that is completely normal! It is simply gas bubbles moving from one side of the joint to the other. Though it is common to hear “pops”, there are times where there will be no sound and that is also okay as movement can be restored to a joint with or without sound effects.


Dry needling is a technique offered that helps with sore muscles and surrounding tissues, which can help lead to decreased pain and increased mobility. This is also called “Trigger Point Therapy”. Our bodies will form little bundles of tight muscles that are overstimulated and when these small needles are applied to those areas it helps relax the muscle. When the muscles relax, there may be a “twitch” felt where the needles are and that is normal. This can be combined with E-Stim for great results!


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is a method that utilizes a tool to free up any tissue adhesions that may be limiting movement or causing pain. This combined with exercise has been shown to speed up recovery and increase movement.


This elastic style tape can be utilized in treatment to relax overused muscles or facilitate underused muscles by increasing input into the skin. It can help decrease muscle pain and joint pain. The tape also can “lift” the skin and create a little pocket between the skin and underlying tissues to promote blood flow and help release pressure off underlying pain receptors. The stretching of the tape can act as a self-awareness tool to assist in maintaining posture by responding to the increase in tape tension, allowing for self-correction.


Every new patient exam will include a detailed movement screen directly related to your complaint, which will help us zero in on what may be causing your pain and/or limitations. From SFMA to Functional Range Systems, we have developed the skills necessary to utilize an efficient assessment to help diagnose the issue. Each individual is unique and deserves a treatment plan that is unique to them, and these movement assessments help us accomplish just that!


Through various hands-on techniques, we will be able to free up any soft tissue and joint limitations. This technique also helps with different muscle tightness and soreness.


Cupping is a technique that utilizes multiple cups that create a suction, which helps bring fresh blood flow to an area and relieves tissue adhesions. You may have seen this during the Olympics when Michael Phelps was walking around with a bunch of red circles on his back!


Functional rehab exercises will be a big focus in patient care at the clinic. We believe in empowering our patients to take control of their pain and kick it to the curb, and that this is accomplished through active exercise. Everyone that walks in the door will be given “homework” to do, in and out of the office, in order to help get them moving in the right direction.


If small group training is not for you, there are one-on-one sessions offered through a membership package as well. Through an initial assessment, we will discuss your goals and figure out where the training should be focused to help get you performing better than before! These classes will be 40 minutes long, consisting of different warm-ups, exercises, and stretching.



Small group classes are offered through different membership packages that we offer monthly and are completely catered to what you want. Each class is broken up into different warm-ups, exercises, and stretching that occurs over a 60 minute session. Depending on experience and capabilities, the exercises will be broken down so all can take part. All ages are welcome and we hope to create a fun, encouraging environment, while we all strive to perform better than before!